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“The Bacchus Lady” film review:

Putting the Social Issues On the Big Screen


Every society has their own problems and ‘The Bacchus Lady’ is an interesting and sensitive topic in South Korean. It is the social issue that the director E J-yong would like to focus on. I don’t have much background knowledge of Korean. I also can’t remember when was the last time for me to see a Korean or maybe I have never watched one, while this film can really demonstrated the social and cultural reality of South Korean to the audience.


This film combined with a bit humour and seriousness to cover the elder welfare system issue and investigate the matter of life and death. It portrayed the relationship between human being in detail and also used many psychological descriptions, which can show the main character’s inner conflicts and struggles.


‘People only hear what they want to hear.’ This sentence arouses my attention when I was watching the film. Indeed, most of the people just choosing to know about what they want to hear and care. They don’t really care the story behind and the reason because of their subjectivity. However, E is different, he looked into the reason behind elderly Korean prostitutes and this film is good starting point for Korean people to face the problems within the society squarely.


Is film as a cultural practice possible to change the society? I would like to ask the director’s respond when I meet him next time.