Address︰Shop 756, G/F, Rhythm Garden, 242 Choi Hung Road, Kowloon

地址︰九龍彩虹道242號 采頤花園地舖756號



Monday - Friday 星期一至五

10:00am - 9:30pm

Saturday ​星期六

9:30am - 6:30pm

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About ARTperience

ARTperience is an art space where people can freely create and communicate. Art education for age 3-16 students, including teaching different techniques through variety of medium, Art history and Art theory.

Art comes from life. We don't need to be a great artist. Everyone has the ability to make art. There are no people who don't know how to create, only those who don't want to try.

以人為本 愉快學習

運用藝術 表達情感

接受犯錯 從中反思


Tried. Failed. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Express yourself through art

Process = Result

Education is a human system

創造力 Creativity

觀察力 Observation

想像力 Imagination

專注力 Concentration

We care, we create, we cultivate!


Keness 從小喜歡繪畫及創作,成長中漸漸明白藝術並不局限於繪畫。於是她修讀完傳理系後,於英國林肯大學繼續修讀美術系碩士。主要研究夢境,荒誕主義,存在主義以及多重身份認同等主題。創作手法包括繪畫,詩歌,行為藝術,實驗電影及裝置藝術等。


畢業回港後先後從事劇場藝術行政及畫室導師。對藝術的熱情有增無減。受到藝化畫室的創辦人Derek Tou的啓發後,毅然投身藝術教育行列。相信教與學同樣重要,只要給予適當的啓發,每個學生都能有無限的發揮。

About Founder

 Keness loves drawing and creating since she was a little girl. She gradually realised that Art is not only about drawing when she grew-up. After graduated from her BA of Media and Communication, she then further her studies in MA of Fine Art at University of Lincoln, UK. Her main researches are on dreams, absurdism, existentialism, and multiple-identities. Creative techniques include painting, poetry, performance art, experimental film and installation art.


After graduated, she went back to Hong Kong working as a theater Arts Admin and Art studio tutor. Her enthusiasm for art has rapidly increased. Inspired by the founder of Artify Studio, Derek Tou, Keness resolutely decided to become part of the art education. Believing that teaching and learning are equally important, as long as appropriate inspiration is given, every student have unlimited possibilities.