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“Wanton Mee” film review:


Past Can Only Be Aftertaste, Food As Well


Wanton Mee is a really delicious food. When I was a little girl, my parents always brought me to eat Wanton Mee, which became an unforgettable aftertaste in my life. However, it become harder for me to find a Wanton Mee that taste as good as before because of the development of a city and lot of the traditional shops have to shut down. I feel disappointed about that and this film bringing out the same thought as me.


I don’t love to watch documentary since always. I think it is informative but boring. However, Wanton Mee is a successful documentary that surprising me indeed, it can grasp audience’s attention and give them the information of different Singaporean cuisine. It is not only a documentary, but also a social recollection. Although I’m not a Singaporean, I can recognize most of the Asian foods in this film and echo to my memories.


The subjects of this film were covered clear and authentic. Every cuisine seems fantastic just make my mouth water. This film is all about lived experience and memories, which included director’s experience, hawker’s experience and even the actor’s experience. The main actor acted with his natural emotion in the film, nothing exaggerate and sentimental nonsense.


Everything in our world seems to be going extremely fast, it is difficult for us to hold the things that we don’t want to let go. Digital is an effective way for us to keep the memories. Thus, the director uses it to record the memories and experience. When everything was gone, our memories always stay.


Moreover, the narrative was simple also touching. My eyes are still swimming with tears every time when I recalled the ending of this film.