Keness. Studio

MAtter presents ten artists from the MA Fine Art course at the University of Lincoln who will be exhibiting a wide range of work, mixing traditional skills with contemporary art.

Located in multiple rooms across the University of Lincoln; including Project Space Plus, MA Fine Art studio, LPAC, the Sculpture Terrace, and sites in Lincolnshire; X-church, Gainsborough and the garden of 43 Washingborough Road, LN4 1QW.

Exhibiting Artists: 
Alexandria Frances / Hannah McKinlay / Henry Allen / Jacob Denness / James Woolley / Kezia Wattle / Ling Yuen Shan / Michelle Marie Forrest-Beckett / Nathan Newton / Orinta Pranaitytė

Individual Artwork: Monodrama

Basically, the video content of this work is a reflection on my own experience and a little summary of my life that has been divided into four parts, which are born, shape, learn and reconfigure with a hierarchical structure. Each of the stages represented its own meaning. It implied a circle of our life.


To convey the multicultural experience through art form can get rid of the language boundaries because art should not be distinguished by language. Every art form can compose their own unique language. Therefore, my work became a communication of different cultures that represent some kind of stuff that you cannot really put into words and more focus on visual and sensory impact.


At the same time, I used sound and music to complement the deficiency of no dialogue. The music in this video was remixed by myself with Chinese instrument elements. All the sound are post-produced based on the meaning that I want to create for the video. I also applied many metaphor and symbolism as my auteur theory in this video.

Address︰Shop 756, G/F, Rhythm Garden, 242 Choi Hung Road, Kowloon

地址︰九龍彩虹道242號 采頤花園地舖756號



Monday - Friday 星期一至五

10:00am - 9:30pm

Saturday ​星期六

9:30am - 6:30pm

Sunday ​星期日

10:00am - 12:30pm

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